Gates of Olympus Dice

February 5, 2024
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Pragmatic Play takes us on a thrilling journey to the peak of Mount Olympus with Gates of Olympus Dice, a unique twist on their popular Gates of Olympus slot. Does this innovative title combine the thrill of dice with godly wins, or is it a mythological misstep? Let’s grab our golden dice and find out!

A Familiar Realm, Reimagined: Dice Take Center Stage

While retaining the stunning visuals of the original Gates of Olympus, Pragmatic Play throws in a game-changing element – dice! The classic reels are replaced with a 6×6 grid filled with dice blocks. Each block displays a random symbol or multiplier value on every spin, adding a layer of exciting unpredictability. You won’t be able to play for real money here (this website offers free slots!), but the free version lets you experience the innovative gameplay and see if Gates of Olympus Dice strikes your fancy.

Divine Gameplay: A Roll of the Dice for Big Wins

The core gameplay remains familiar. Matching eight or more symbols (including scatters) anywhere on the grid results in a win. However, the dice mechanic adds a new twist. Rolling a multiplier symbol increases your win by that value, while special “Tumble Feature” dice trigger cascading wins, just like the original Gates of Olympus. This unique combination keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Olympian Fury: Unleash the Wrath of the Gods

Land four or more Scatter symbols (Zeus himself!), and you’ll activate the coveted Free Spins feature. Here, the dice rolls get even more exciting! Special dice with higher multipliers and a guaranteed “Tumble Feature” appear, offering the potential for truly godly wins (available to try in free slots here or for real money in South African online casinos elsewhere).

The Verdict: A Divine Roll of the Dice or a Mythical Letdown?

Gates of Olympus Dice is a clever and innovative take on the classic Gates of Olympus slot. The dice mechanic adds a layer of thrilling unpredictability, while the familiar bonus features with a free spins twist keep things rewarding. South African online slots players (when playing for real money elsewhere) seeking a unique and potentially lucrative experience should definitely give this title a spin (or try the free version here first!).

So, are you ready to challenge the gods and roll the dice for mythical wins? Gates of Olympus Dice awaits, offering a divine adventure (free to play here or for real money in South African online casinos elsewhere).

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